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There are no standard sizes for dog clothing and accessories. We highly recommend you measure your pet precisely to ensure an accurate fit. It is not reliable to purchase items based on your pet's breed or weight. There are many different kinds of breeds and it is hard to determine what size your dog would be based only on weight. All our products are sized in inches. Please use a flexible tape measure to ensure an accurate reading.

If your pet's measurements fall in between two sizes, we suggest ordering the next larger size. Make sure your pet will fit within the chest size and length measurements for a proper fit.


Neck: measure the neck length as you would for a collar. Allow some leeway for a comfortable fit.
Chest: measure the chest at its widest point, which is typically right behind the front legs. If the dog has a large girth, going up a size is recommended.
Body Lenght: measure along the dog's backbone from the base of the head to the base of the tail. This is from the base where the collar rests to where the tail is attached.
Waist: place the tape measure around dog´s waist as it is show in the picture. Please notice that waist measure is just for female dogs.
If neck, chest and body length measurements are given, take into account all measurements and purchase the item that best encompasses all measurements. 
Customers are urged to use this guide for understanding how to take pet measurements.  As we carry a large variety of brand names and products, our products have an individual size chart or other reference guide in the product description when more than one option is available.  The illustration will show you how to accurately measure for a length, neck, chest and waist measurement.  Please note that it is not recommended to determine size based on your pet's breed, weight, brand, or previous purchases you may have made at our pet boutique or anywhere else.  Each and every designer uses different cuts and sizing patterns.  Therefore, please refer to the individual size chart that is shown in each product's description before making your size selection.
As a general rule of thumb for selecting dog clothing sizes, the most important measurements are chest girth and the length.  The chest girth is usually the widest and thickest part of the chest measured from the back to underneath the arms.  If the clothing is too tight, your dog may get hot and uncomfortable.  The length for products like jackets and coats is typically designed to be close to the base of your pet's tail.  While other products like t-shirts, tanks, and dresses should be within 2 to 4 inches from the base of the tail.  
Please refer to any additional information that is contained in the product description to help you determine the best size for your pet.

For dog shoes and booties, please refer to individual sizing guides in product descriptions. 
Download and print out on paper and fit your dog's paw on to the appropriate size.  When putting shoes on for your dog, please make sure that the entire paw is pushed into the shoe and tongue of the shoe is not twisted before zipping it up.  This allows for maximum comfort. The shoe zipper has to be fully zipped and the velcro should be securely fastened around ankles for proper usage. Note that if your dog has not worn shoes before, it may take some time to get use to.  We suggest wearing the shoes for about an hour every day for a week to help your dog break into the new booties.  Your dog may walk funny or stand or sit still.  Encourage them to move around and feel more comfortable with wearing shoes.  Your dog should always be supervised and should not be left unattended when wearing shoes.  Please do not put shoes on your dog when paws and ankles are wet or injured or have any other medial conditions.  Do not leave shoes on your dog for long periods of time (more than 5 hours) as the heat may cause discomfort and irritation to your dog.
Contact us at if you need additional assistance with sizing.
Anytime you are unsure or just want some guidance, our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to help you find the right sizing to fit you and your pet's needs.